The Joy of Moving


My current favorite pastime.
It goes a little something like this:



Pack box of books.

Realize that you probably needed that one falconry book for the paper you need to write.

Unpack box of books to discover it’s not there.

Find book in stack you left on your desk because you might need them.

Have shot of tequila.

Pack box of books.

Take box of books to stack in dining room.

Glare at grey parrot when he gleefully calls out, “Bye! See you later.”

Stop to explain to him that he is not getting rid of you that easily.

Back into office to pack more books. Trip over dog is who practically attached to your ankles.

Explain to the dog that you are not getting rid of him that easily.

Have shot of tequila.

Check and see if anyone is talking about being accepted to Clarion on Twitter.

Have a shot of tequila.

Take photo of dog kennel serving as weathering yard for falcon to put on craigslist.

Eat cold pizza.

Fill box with books.

Spend 5 minutes looking for where you left knife.

Spend 10 minutes looking for where you left packing tape.

Spend 15 minutes looking for where you left shot glass.

Trip over box after tripping over dog.

Glare at grey parrot when he calls out “Aaaaaa PLUS!”

Consider selling all your things including the animals on craigslist.

Have shot of tequila.

Pack another box of books.

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Moving

  1. The prospect of ever moving again has given me a great appreciation for buying ebooks instead of print (for all but a few titles).

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