Just Like Today

The only fun part about moving is the rediscovery of things lost. This seems especially true when your movement is toward home. Little trinkets everywhere remind me of good things I had left behind and am going back to reclaim. Nothing more than this postcard I found fallen behind my desk. My dad had found it for me on eBay, a card sent from Banning the year after my house was built, the house my dad and I worked on together.

I have found myself thinking a lot about mail lately, about the things we write in letters. Matthew Specktor wrote a lovely reverie on this same thing after sending out a letter through the Letters in the Mail subscription at The Rumpus. I have a subscription. I read his letter and you might recognize a few details about those who wrote him back.

I had forgotten what it was like to write words meant for only one person. There are things I would say to you over a beer that I would never put online. There are things in a letter that can be sculpted and explored in a way conversation cannot. A letter bears water, woven with small secrets and sealed with a single reader’s imagined reactions. A missive is a sturdy enough vessel to carry a moment long enough to become artifact.

Dearest Ruth,
I am here in this resful place and am sure enjoying a quiet rest. Seems good to know where a fellow will be the next day. Have been going to bed at nine o’clock or before ever since I have been here. that is better than you do I am sure. THis climate is the best ever. You always know that the next day will be just like today.

I hope Jimmy convinced Ruth to come live with him in Banning. I for one am looking forward to living there again… and going to bed at 9 o’clock.

2 thoughts on “Just Like Today

  1. Rebecca – I just love your words and the way you express them. And your books (like Lift) have a difference for my lovely wife and others I have sent it too. Keep writing and I know you are taking risks in this, but keep on risking, as the world needs your words. Blessings to you!


  2. Thanks SO much John!! There is only one thing I love hearing more than that someone loves my book and that’s that they have shared it. xo R

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