Birds and Words

Welcome to Heckled by Parrots, the blog. Here I hope you will find some great resources to get the information you are looking for regarding the pet parrots in your home. Some of you may have met me at lectures, in home consults, workshops or maybe you’ve read my book, “A Parrot for Life.” Hopefully, a lot of you will just stumble in. I hope ultimately Heckled will become a great resource where parrot peeps can start when they have a question or problem. More than anything though, I’m hoping that it will be fun. This is the same hope I have for my books and lectures, because in the end folks, living with parrots is a big responsibility but it SHOULD BE FUN!

3 thoughts on “Birds and Words

  1. Finally got time to check out your new blog. I love it! Great job. Lots of nice links – I’ve been lost on it for a couple of hours while trying to recover my iPhone. :p

  2. Way to go Rebecca! Having your blog to read will be a fun addition to the learning process of living with parrots!

  3. Welcome, Jody!

    Living with parrots has its challenges, but don’t let anyone tell that it shouldn’t be fun! Hope I manage to get some things up that are helpful to you!

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