News from the Bottom of the Cage

I’ll admit it. I have a subscription to the newspaper, but I never read it. Although…never, is a strong word. I actually frequently get sucked into the newspaper when I’m lining the bird cages. (I wonder how many times this habit has made me late to work…) In fact, I think my parrots are used to me wandering off with the newspaper to read and look something up while their cages are left half finished.

So in addition to Friday’s Favorite Feathers, comes another regular addition…News from the Bottom of the Cage. Please feel free to share your own. It’s likely to be outdated and barely newsworthy, but I somehow suspect I’m not the only one getting the majority of my news from the bottom of the cage. 😉

So here’s what caught my eye today….

Secret Society Has Geronimo’s Bones

4 thoughts on “News from the Bottom of the Cage

  1. Oh I read from the bottom of the cage too, but I actually read it in the cage, while Louie, has the time of his life trying to take the scrunchy from pony tail…. The articles that catch my attention are alway political, and from there I run to the computer and make my comments on what I had read that got me riled up!!!!

  2. OMG! This made me drop my iPod I was laughing so hard. Me too – only I don’t even have a subscription (been meaning to for a few yrs now). It’s too much fun watchin the weird looks from grocery store clerks when I get two or three Sunday papers (five if I forgot & it’s a weekday!). Today’s news nugget – “Let Me Google That For You” ( a site you can go to that generates a demo & link to show lazy people how to look up their own facts. What a hoot!

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