How to Get a Street Named After You

This week’s edition of News from the Bottom of the Cage is an article from January 1st which my Senegal parrot Loki is now “reading.” A UPS man in Davis, California was/is such a nice guy the city named a street in his honor.

Read the whole thing here.

So how DO you get a street named after you? Generally, you have to be deceased before naming commences. (Apparently this isn’t so much morbid as smart. If you are still living you¬†might still do something terribly embarassing and get your street name revoked.) In Davis though, you can still be alive, you just have to make everyone you meet smile every day.

I like this idea, a lot. I think my African grey deserves a street named after him. He makes everyone smile. He made coffee come out of nose this morning when he¬†commanded our unruly almost-still-a-puppy to “knock it off” and then called her a “good girl” when she came to a screeching halt mid-stride. Maybe there should just be a Grey Way somewhere to commemorate all these wry clowns who add humor to our homes.

Who would you name a street after?

3 thoughts on “How to Get a Street Named After You

  1. You have a very clever parrot. I saw a young man in the shop I currently work in who had a black eye. I asked him ‘what does the other guy look like’. He replied that his girlfriends parrot did it! But, he did add that he warned him first, by clicking. So, I suppose he should have moved away.

  2. that is a really cute guideline. I am currently looking at buying several streets, and ran into your column. which made me smile and giggle. have a great night.

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