Don’t We All Get Tipsy and Talk to Our Parrots?

Its for You, Cockatoo!

It's for You, Cockatoo!

I’m looking forward to seeing Iron Man 2 for many reasons, most of them involving Robert Downey, Jr. I have to admit though, that I’m really looking forward seeing Mickey Rourke who has always been one of my faves. Spending a couple of decades getting his face busted up boxing only endeared him to me more. (I also love boxing and didn’t quite make it in the ring either.) Mickey Rourke with a cockatoo though…that really has my interest.

It was Rourke who asked that a cockatoo be added to the movie. He felt his character needed to inspire at least a bit of empathy from the audience. And what inspires more empathy than a man who gets drunk and argues with his parrot? Hey, Mickey …you, me, a bottle of tequila and the parrots? Call me.

Rourke¬†did more than just hire a cockatoo however, he wanted to make a difference in a parrot’s life. You may remember that Rourke was out and about the awards circuit for The Wrestler, frequently quoted thanking his dogs for the difference they have made in his life, for helping him through. Rourke gets the value of a reciprocal relationship with a pet, so he adopted Sunny, a cockatoo on his seventh home from Best Friends. You can read the whole story here.¬†From what I understand, Sunny was actually used in the second half of the movie.

And in case your wondering about a happy ending, Rourke is frequently seen around LA, Sunny on his shoulder. I admit Sunny looks a tiny bit traumatized by the paparrazi, but who wouldn’t be? He will never be a cockatoo lacking for enrichment, that’s for sure, not while he’s exploring Los Angeles with Rourke.

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