Tuesday Triggers: Goldilocks Gets Naked

I had a crazy idea while I was writing my morning pages. I was thinking about using my blog for personal accountability for my writing, for sharing good information I stumble on and also for getting myself to write. I’ve been doing some crime reporting which means I have a close ear to the crimes that are happening in the Inland Empire, most especially the desert cities that are closest to home. I had been thinking that I should use the strange, funny, heart-breaking, startling and thought-provoking tidbits that I stumble on for writing prompts. Then this morning I got to thinking… why not share? So here we are at your first installment of the Tuesday Trigger.

You’ll get 300-500 words from me by Saturday. 300 is better– it’s harder. They may suck, but they’ll get written. It sure would be nice not to do this alone… Your stories in the comments would be most welcome.  I give you your first offering: Goldilocks Gets Naked:

JOSHUA TREE, Calif. — Police say a naked burglar has been arrested while taking a shower after he sipped champagne and ate a meal in a Southern California family’s home. Click through to RTWT

Why? Who is he? Where did he come from? What must that steak have tasted like to him? Insert your own question here. It doesn’t have to read like Law&Order. What if it were a Steam Punk universe, a dystopian, a YA, a romance?

What to write… what to write…?