Tuesday Trigger: Saved by Animals

The best heroes don’t look anything like Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. In fact some of the most amazing acts of heroism have been performed by animals. Who would you want to save you? Create an unexpected animal hero .

Maggie Mae started with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in 1999 at eight weeks old. She was the first Bloodhound hired in the department. Maggie led the path of the full time Bloodhound unit which recently received the Medal of Valor. Maggie received several awards and accolades such as the Officer of the Year in Moreno Valley, Distinguished Service Medal, AKC top tracking police dog for two years in a row, and the Hero’s Award. Maggie was also featured in Dog Fancy magazine for her tracking abilities and an episode of Dog Planet.

Maggie worked hundreds of cases in the search of missing children, Alzheimer patients, and outstanding suspects. Maggie was proven as “reliable evidence” in a death penalty homicide case in Riverside when she tracked and identified the suspect. She also worked the Samantha Runnion and Danielle Van Damm kidnappings.

Read the whole press release here.