Parrot Fumbles Football Game

I’m not one of those people who take their parrots with them everywhere. I’m certainly not opposed to it. You end up with a well-socialized bird that gets tons of your attention. However, this family in the UK learned the hard way that there are certain places where your parrot might be a wee bit disruptive.

I try to get the Senegal out of the house as much as I can because she loves a good drive. But the grey would much rather stay at home. He couldn’t get any clearer with his body language…feathers slicked, chewing on his nails, making this lovely high pitched squeak that drives me nuts. I could get him over it, desensitize him, make sure that outings are a positive.

Honestly though, it’s not a priority for me. I suppose that’s trainer speak for “I’m really kind of lazy.”  But come on, just because I wrote a book doesn’t mean I’m the perfect parrot owner. It just means that I know what a perfect parrot owner would look like and therefore can depend on a lifetime of self-flagellation.

Kidding. Love your parrots. Enjoy your home flock the best way you can. But really…even you perfect parrot owners should leave feathered sports fans at home and let them watch their team on the flat screen.

Some Thoughts for the New Year

Make your pets a part of a better year. A few thoughts from Mind Body Smile.

Your pets in the New Year, getting more grins

There’s no doubt about it, the New Year promises potential added stress for all. There is already plenty of swirling doubts and worries in the outside world, so why not make an effort this year to make your home a sanctuary for you and your pets. How do you do that? Easy, pets are fun!

1. Leave your Worries at the Door.
Remember that happy pets live their lives stress free and mirror them. Your dog isn’t worried about the economy. He’s happy if you are happy. His great day just got better because you came home. Isn’t your day better because he is happy to see you?

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