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Workshops and Lectures


Finding the Story in YOUR Story
Whether you are crafting a memoir with your sight on a big publishing house or just for family and friends, even if you are just writing personal essays for your blog, readers are looking for a story. Find out how to find the universal story in your unique personal experience and from there craft work that is engaging, takes your readers on a journey and leaves them wanting more.

Getting Started with your Nonfiction Project
Do you have a true story or a topic that you keep thinking would make a great book? Find out how to take your idea and develop it into an interesting hook that will ultimately become the book you have been meaning to write. Don’t have an idea yet? Finding a great topic is easier than you think. We will discuss where to look and how to make sure your topic is book worthy. This workshop will also touch on research, outlining, investigating the market and the importance of creating a good proposal.

Nature Writing
Nature writing has long been embraced by the American audience. Biophilia and self-discovery still draws many writers out into the wilderness and there is much to be discovered, whether in a vast landscape or just a pocket of Eden. Pick up your pen and go on an expedition, discovering how to find theme, myth, metaphor and miracles with your own nature writing.

Writing for the Pet Market
Even when economic times are rocky consumers are still pampering their pets. The media and publishers understand this and continue to cater to the pet market, but they need excellent writers for their websites, magazines, newsletters and how-to-books. Wondering how to break into writing for the pet market? Rebecca can help you make the leap.



A Happy Healthy Parrot in an Ever-Changing Life
A lecture that discusses training and raising your parrot so that you can enjoy a lifetime of good behavior and happy times, despite the curveballs life throws your way.

Ten Things You Should Know About Owning a Parrot (But No One Ever Told You.)
New parrot owners are often surprised to learn the hard way about parrot misconceptions. This lecture reveals the truth and missed truths about a life with parrots.

The Sage on the Cage: 10 Things Parrots have taught me about better living
A fun and inspiring lecture about how living with parrots can make the world a better place.



Winging It: Living a Life Shaped by Birds and Words (Lecture/Multimedia Presentation)
Living with birds is unpredictable at best, disastrous at worst and for bird enthusiasts of all kinds, the only way to live. Lacking the thousands of years of domestication humans have devoted to the top two pet animals– cats and dogs, birds seem to have a knack for turning your life upside-down. Rebecca K. O’Connor has spent all of her life bird watching, interacting with wild birds, studying avian behavior, training free-flight bird shows around the world, and sharing her home with parrots, pigeons, hawks and falcons. In this multi-media presentation punctuated with video, photographs and readings from her work, Rebecca shares the sometimes funny and often poignant lessons that the birds we let into our hearts teach us and how they have inspired her falconry memoir, Lift.